Dissertation title:

''The Itinerary of Constantine Manasses. Critical edition - translation - commentary, Thessaloniki 2015''

Supervisor: Ioannis Vassis

The aim of the present study is the critical edition, the translation, and the commentary of the Itinerary, a poem by the well-known 12th century learned poet and orator Constantine Manasses, in which the poet recites his experiences from his trip to the Holy Land, as a member of a delegation that was sent there in 1160, with the purpose of finding a bride for Emperor Manuel Komnenos (1143-1180). An introduction is prefixed to the critical edition. The study also comprises three indices (of proper nouns, passages and text words), as well as a map of place names.

Konstantinos Chryssogelos / Department of Philology, University of Thessaloniki.