She has studied Greek Language and Literature at the Faculty of Philology of the University of Athens. Aquired her Master Degree (MA, Modern Greek Studies) at the Faculty of Philology. She is now working on her PhD Thesis. Thesis Title: "Filmic writing in modern greek prose (1950-2000). An essay in comparative poetics" (Supervisor: Prof. Evripidis Garantoudis). She has worked on the research program: «Modern Greek Literature and Cinema. (1901-2000). An online database of References with commentary» (Supervisor: Prof. Evripidis Garantoudis). In the spring of 2013, as a part of the Erasmus Placement, she co-teached with ass. prof. E. Stefani the postgraduate course "Modern Greek Literature and Cinema" at the Institute of Greek and Latin Languages and Literatures of FUB (Freie Universität Berlin).
Publications: "Repetition as theme and technique in the poetry of Yannis Ritsos"· "On the research program ‘Modern Greek Literature and Cinema’ "· "Modern greek prose and cinema (1900-1930): an essay in interarts studies"· "Filmic writing in the prose of Alexandros Kotzias. The example of Antipoiisis Archis (1979)".
She is currently working as a copy editor and translator.