Assistant Professor of Modern Greek Literature, Department of Philology, University of Patras

Education: Degree in French Language and Literature, University of Athens (1981); Degree in Medieval and Modern Greek Literature, University of Ioannina (1983); D.E.A. in General and Comparative Literature, Université de La Nouvelle Sorbonne -Paris III (1984); Ph.D. in Modern Greek Literature, University of Thessaloniki (2001).
Recent publications (A Selection): Aspects of the Greek narrative prose fiction (1700 -1830). The dialogue with the Greek and the foreign literary traditions, Athens, I.N.R/N.H.R.F., 2010; “N. S. Piccolos: The literary trial”, Greek-Bulgarian Relations in the age of National Identity Formation. Athens, I.N.R/N.H.R.F., 2010, 265-283; “Alexandros Rizou Dor(ro)mousi (1769-1841): the cultural identity of a Thessalian merchant in Diaspora”, Proceedings of the 4th European Congress of Modern Greek Studies (Granada, 9-12 September 2010), Athens, v. 5, 143-159; “Papadiamantis as translator in the Gabrielides’ printing company”, Proceedings of the 3nd International Congress on Alexandros Papadiamantis, Athens, Domos, 2012, v. 2, 29-53; “Les aventures de Télémaque: a fictional ‘Mirror of princes’ in the entourage of the first Mavrokordatos family”, Transfer und Überlagerung. Wissenskonfigurationen in der Zeit der griechischen homines novi im Osmanischen Reich (1641-1730), Freie Universität Berlin; “ Phanariot Lyric Poetry and the printed book: 1790- end of 19th c.”, Phanariot Poetry in the era of Greek Enlightenment, Academy of Athens, 2013, 325-356; “The family of the Devil upon Two Sticks”, In memory of Panos Moullas. Modern Greek Literature and Criticism, Athens, Sokoli-Kouledaki, 2014, 228-243; “François de Salignac de la Motte Fénelon in Modern Greek Literature (18th – 19th c.)”, Discourse and Time in Modern Greek Literature (18th-19th century). Proceedings of Congress in Honour of Alexis Politis, Heraklion, PEK, 109-142.
Research interests: Modern Greek Literature and Criticism, Comparative Literature, Translation Studies, Greek Enlightenment, Prose Fiction and Poetry (18th-19th c.), Literature and Greek Press.