She is an Assistant Professor of Modern European Literature and Theory at Peloponnese University. Her research interests focus on critical theory and comparative literature, modernism, gender and history. She is the author of Virginia Woolf, Modernity and History: Constellations with Walter Benjamin (Palgrave-Macmillan 2010) and co-author of History of European Literature V.2 (Hellenic Open University 2008). She has edited the book Walter Benjamin: Images and Myths of Modernity (Alexandreia Publ. 2007); and co-edited 
Culture Agonistes (Peter Lang 2002),
Contemporary Greek Fiction: International Orientations and Crossings (Alexandreia Publ. 2002) as well as an issue on 'Gender Resistance' for the European Journal of English Studies (2012). She has recently contributed to The Routledge Encyclopedia of Modernism, The Sage Encyclopedia of Theory, The Edinburgh Dictionary of Modernism, and the collection, 1922: History, Culture, Politics (Cambridge UP 2015).