Georgia Gotsi, following her studies in Greek and Comparative Literatures at the Universities of Athens and of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, received her doctorate in Modern Greek Studies at King’s College London. She taught Comparative Literature at Brown University (1996-2003). Currently, she is Associate Professor of Modern Greek and Comparative Literature at the University of Patras, Greece.

She is the author of two books, Life in the Capital. Topics in Late Nineteenth-Century Urban Prose Fiction (Nefeli, 2004) on urban prose fiction in nineteenth-century Greek literature and The Internationalization of Imagination. Relations of Greek and Foreign Literatures in the 19th Century (Gutenberg, 2010) on issues of cultural transfer from European and North American Literatures to Greece. For this latter work she was co-awarded the National Book Prize. She is the editor of Ioannis Kondylakis’ novel The Miserables of Athens (Nefeli, 1999). She has also published articles and book chapters focusing on cultural and social contexts of Greek literature. Recently, she wrote on Alexandros Papadiamantis as translator of Victorian fiction; on George Vizyenos’ reception in England; on Tennyson’s reception in Greece, and on the Jewish as well as the immigrant presence in contemporary Greek fiction. She is in the course of completing a book on Material Antiquity, Cultural Biography and Literature.