Dissertation title:

«Aspects of Wagnerism in 19th century Greece»

Supervisor: Anastasia Siopsi

This thesis attempts to describe and analyze the impact of the theoretical and musical work of Richard Wagner in the Greek intelligenzia, starting from the year 1862, when one first comes accross the name of Richard Wagner in a Greek text (on the issue 287 (1.3.1862) of the periodical Pandora) until the emblematic limit of 1902, when a wagnerian music drama is for the first time represented on the Greek stage (Lohengrin, Corfu, December 1902), that is during a period when the majority of the Greek audience had no actual experience of the wagnerian music; nevertheless, that first phase of the Greek Wagnerism actually constitutes a more genuine one, since after the beginning of the 20th century Wagnerism interlaces with other streams (symbolism, nietzscheism) and hence looses a part of its originality.

Stella Kourmpana / Department of Music Studies, Ionian University